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Economic Papers Vol.3 No.1(2)

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연구조정실 (Monetary Studies Team(tel : 82-2-759-5407, fax:82-2-759-5410)) 2000.06.09 8440

Contents for Economic Papers Vol.3 No.1(2)

* Economic Papers was first published in January 1998 by the Bank of Korea, and it will appear twice a year.

* Opinions expressed herein are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the Bank of Korea. The authors will be glad to receive comments on their articles.

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5. An Analysis of the Industrial Profitability Trends by the Input-Output(I-O) Price Index (Kihong Choi)

6. Asian Monetary Cooperation: A search for Regional Monetary Stability in the Post Euro Era and the Post Asian Crisis Era (Woosik Moon, Youngseop Rhee, and Deok Ryong Yoon)