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※ BOK Working Paper Series are written in English or Korean.

BOK Working Paper Series are written in English or Korean.


Estimating Export and Import Unit Value Index in North Korea: Using Sino-North Korean Trade Data(in Korean)

Jongmin Lee, Minjung Kim


Exchange Rate Regime and Optimal Policy: The Case of China

Yujeong Cho, Yiping Huang, Changhua Yu


Financial Literacy and Mutual Fund Retail Investing: Evidence from Korea During the 2008 Financial Crisis

Jongwoo Chung, Booyuel Kim


Demand Shocks vs. Supply Shocks: Which Shocks Matter More in Income and Price Inequality?

Seolwoong Hwang, Kwangwon Lee, Geunhyung Yim


Housing Wealth, Labor Supply, and Retirement Behavior: Evidence from Korea

Jongwoo Chung


A Counterfactual Method for Demographic Changes in Overlapping Generations Models

Byongju Lee


Measuring the Effects of LTV and DTI Limits: A Heterogeneous Panel VAR Approach with Sign Restrictions

Seri Shim, Soyoung Kim


Transmission of Global Financial Shocks: Which Capital Flows Matter?

Bada Han


Immigration and Natives’ Task Specialization: Evidence from Korea   

Hyejin Kim, Jongkwan Lee


Upstream Propagation of the U.S.-China Trade War

Minkyu Son


The Long-Term Wage Effects of Graduating in a Recession(in Korean)

Young Jun Choi


The Impact of Robots on Labor Demand: Evidence from Job Vacancy Data for South Korea

Hyejin Kim


International Transmission of Chinese Monetary Policy Shocks to Asian Countries

Yujeong Cho, Soyoung Kim


Monetary Non-Neutrality in a Multisector Economy: The Role of Risk-Sharing   

Jae Won Lee, Seunghyeon Lee 


The Immigrant Wage Gap and Assimilation in Korea

Hyejin Kim, Chulhee Lee


A Parametric Estimation of the Policy Stance from the Central Bank Minutes

Dong Jae Jung


Distribtuion-Dependent Value of Money: A Coalition-Proof Approach to Monetary Equilibrium

Byoung-Ki Kim, Ohik Kwon, Suk Won Lee


A Study on North Korea’s Econonic System: Actual Conditions and Evaluation(in Korean)

Moon-Soo Yang, Song Lim


The Causes of Decline in the Income Elasticity of Korea’s Exports

(in Korean)

Kyungkeun Kim


Real Business Cycles in Emerging Countries: Are Asian Business Cycles Different from Latin American Business Cycles?

Seolwoong Hwang, Soyoung Kim


The Impact of Geopolitical Risk on Stock Returns: Evidence from Inter-Korea Geopolitics

Seungho Jung, Jongmin Lee, Seohyun Lee


Estimating Fiscal Multiplier: Do Financing Methods Matter?

Soyoung Kim, Yonggun Kim


Money Illusion: Evidence from Korea(in Korean)

Ohik Kwon, Kyusik Kim, In Do Hwang


Chaebols and Firm Dynamics in korea

Philippe Aghion, Sergei Guriev, Kangchul Jo


Changes in North Korea's Financial System During the Kim Jong-un Era - Based on North Korean Literature(in Korean)

Minjung Kim, Sung Min Moon


Estimating Land Assets in North Korea: Framework Development & Exploratory Application(in Korean)

Song Lim


The Effects of Monetary Policy on Consumption: Workers vs. Retirees

Myunghyun Kim, Sang-yoon Song


Financial Globalization: Effects on Banks’ Information Acquisition and Credit Risk

Christopher Paik


A slowdown in GDP Trend Growth in Korea(in Korean)

Byoung Hoon Seok, Nam Gang Lee


The Effects of Job Training on Labor Market Outcome of Immigrants in Korea(in Korean)

Hyejin Kim, Chulhee Lee


Wage and Employment Effects of Immigration: Evidence from Korea

Hyejin Kim


The Excess Sensitivity of Long-term Interest rates and Central Bank Credibility

Kwangyong Park


Dynamic Relationship between Foreign Capital Inflow and Inflation: Evidence from Eight Small Open Economies in Asia(in Korean)

Young Jun Choi, Jong Chill Son


Consumption Dynamics and a Home Purchase

Dongjae Jung


Central Bank Digital Currency, Tax Evasion, Inflation Tax, and Central Bank Independence

Ohik Kwon, Seungduck Lee, Jaevin Park


The Economic Costs of Diplomatic Conflict

Hyejin Kim, Jungmin Lee


Estimating Capital Stock in North Korea and Its Implications(in Korean)

Hak Kil Pyo, Taehyoung Cho, Minjung Kim


Credit Market Frictions and Coessentiality of Money and Credit

Ohik Kwon, Manjong Lee


Vulnerable Growth: A Revisit

Nam Gang Lee


A Model of Satisficing Behavior

Rajiv Sarin, Hyung Chang Yi


The Determinants of a Firm’s Exit from Exporting: Evidence from Korean Manufacturing Firms(in Korean)

Yunmi Nam, Moon Jung Choi


Export and Productivity: An Analysis of Plant-level Data(in Korean)

Yoonsoo Lee, Wonhyeok Kim, Jinho Park


Macroeconomic and Financial Market Analyses and Predictions through Deep Learning

Soohyon Kim


Estimating Long-term Economic Growth in North Korea: 1956 - 1989(in Korean)

Taehyoung Cho, Minjung Kim


Study of Informal Finance in North Korea, with Analysis and Evaluation(in Korean)

Jooyung Lee, Sungmin Mun


International Co-movements and Determinants of Public Debt

Hasan Isomitdinov, Vladimir Arčabić, Junsoo Lee, Youngjin Yun


Cross-border Trade Credit and Trade Flows During the Global Financial Crisis

Moonjung Choi, Sangyeon Hwang, Hyejoon Im


The Effects of Industrial Restructuring on Employment and Growth(in Korean)

Byeongseon Seo, Taekyung Kim


Effects of Global Value Chains on Economic Growth and Their Changes after Global Financial Crisis(in Korean)

Sei-wan Kim, Moonjung Choi


House Prices and Household Consumption in Korea

Seungyoon Lee


The Role of Human Capital in Explaining Labor Productivity Growth in Korea since 2001(in Korean)

Hyemi Yoo


Aggregate Productivity Growth and Firm Dynamics in Korean Manufacturing 2007-2017

Kyooil Kim, Jinho Park


Network-Based Measures of Systemic Risk in Korea

Jaewon Choi, Jieun Lee


The Effects of North Korea’s Mineral Export on Various Imports(in Korean)

Byung-Yeon Kim, Minjung Kim, Dawool Kim


Economic Policy Changes in North Korea: A Text Mining Approach to Economic Research(in Korean)

Soohyon Kim, Sohn Wook


Common Factor Augmented Forecasting Models for the US Dollar-Korean Won Exchange Rate

Hyeongwoo Kim, Soohyon Kim


The Effects of Foreign Exchange Operation on Stabilization of Exchange Rate Volatility in Korea(in Korean)

Junseo Park, Kyongwook Choi


Estimating Korean Monthly GDP and Forecasting Korean GDP : Unobserved Component VECM and Gibbs Sampling Approach(in Korean)

Ki-Ho Kim


Effects of Dollarization on Inflation and Exchange Rates in North Korea(in Korean)

Sung Min Mun, Byoung-Ki Kim


Impacts of Population Aging on Real Interest Rates((in Korean)

Ohik Kwon, Myunghyun Kim


A Structural Change in the Trend and Cycle in Korea

Nam Gang Lee, Byoung Hoon Seok


Uncertainty, Credit and Investment: Evidence from Firm-Bank Matched Data

Youngju Kim, Seohyun Lee, Hyunjoon Lim


Impact of Chinese Renminbi on Korean Exports: Does Quality Matter?

Jihyun Eum


Systemic Risk of the Consumer Credit Network across Financial Institutions

Hyun Hak Kim, Hosung Jung


Identifying Government Spending Shocks and Multipliers in Korea

Kwangyong Park, Eun Kyung Lee


Wealth Effects Revisited: Quantile Canonical Cointegrating Regression Approach(in Korean)

Ki-ho Kim


The Cash-Flow Channel of Monetary Policy: Evidence from Mortgage Borrowers

Sang-yoon Song


Takeover, Distress, and Equity Issuance: Evidence from Korea

Euna Cho


Text Mining for Economic Analysis(in Korean)

Soohyon Kim, Youngjoon Lee, Jhinyoung Shin, Ki Young Park


High-Frequency Credit Spread Information and Macroeconomic Forecast Revision

Bruno Deschamps, Christos Ioannidis, Kook Ka


Does the Number of Countries in an International Business Cycle Model Matter?

Myunghyun Kim


Overhead Labour and Skill-Biased Technological Change: The Role of Product Diversification

Choong Hyun Nam


Patent Citations and Localization of Knowledge Spillovers: Evidence from Korea(in Korean)

Jihong Lee, Yunmi Nam


Intra-firm and Arm's Length Trade during the Global Financial Crisis: Evidence from Korean Manufacturing Firms

Moon Jung Choi, Ji Hyun Eum


Tracking Uncertainty through the Relative Sentiment Shift Series

Seohyun Lee, Rickard Nyman


Measuring Monetary Policy Surprises Using Text Mining: The Case of Korea

Youngjoon Lee, Soohyon Kim, Ki Young Park


Alchemy of Financial Innovation: Secrutization, Liquidity and Optimal Monetary Policy

Jungu Yang


Monetary Policy in a Two-Agent Economy with Debt-Constrained Households(in Korean)

Yongseng Jung, SungJu Song


Industrial Policy for Innovative Companies: A Theoretical Approach(in Korean)

Kyeong-Hoon Kang, Jungu Yang


Monetary Policy's Risk-Taking Channel in Consideration of Bank's Profit and Asset Structure: Evidence from Korea(in Korean)

Uijn Kim, Hosung Jung


Central Bank Digital Currency and Financial Stability

Young Sik Kim, Ohik Kwon

5 Uncertainty, Attention Allocation and Monetary Policy Asymmetry
Kwangyong Park
4 Commodities and International Business Cycles
Nam Gang Lee
3 Taking a Bigger Slice of the Global Value Chain Pie: An Industry-Level Analysis
Chong-Sup Kim · Seungho Lee · Jihyun Eum
2 The Impacts of Macroeconomic News Announcements on Intraday Implied Volatility
Jieun Lee · Doojin Ryu
1 Deciphering Monetary Policy Board Minutes through Text Mining Approach: The Case of Korea
Ki Young Park · Youngjoon Lee · Soohyon Kim
No.2018-47  Commodities and International Business Cycles
Myunghyun Kim
46  Nonlinear Effects of Monetary Policy on International Capital Flows(in Korean)
Myung-Soo Yie · SungJu Song
45  Central Bank Credibility and Monetary Policy
Kwangyong Park
44  Determinants of Capital Flows in the Korean Bond Market
Soohyon Kim
43  Transmission of U.S. Monetary Policy to Commodity Exporters and Importers
Myunghyun Kim
42  Minimum Wage and Productivity: Analysis of Manufacturing Industry of Korea(in Korean)
Kyoo Il Kim · Seung Whan Ryuk
41  Minimum Wage and Employment Structure : Evidence from Korean Industry-Level Data(in Korean)
Heon Jae Song · Hyunjoon Lim · Woori Shin
40  Labor Market Duality in Korea and Policy Responses(in Korean)
Jeon, Byung-you · Hwang, In Do · Park, Kwangyong
39  Comparative Analysis of Youth Unemployment in Korea and Japan: Implications for Korea(in Korean)
SaangJoon Baak · Namju Kim · Keunho Jang
38  Dual Labor Markets and Labor Productivity: Evidence from the OECD countries(in Korean)
Chung Choe · Koangsung Choi · Jieun Lee
37  The Analysis of Hysteresis in Youth Unemployment(in Korean)
Namju Kim
36  Trade and Labor Demand of Firms(in Korean)
Jihyun Eum · Jinho Park · Moon Jung Choi
35  The Impact of New Firm Formation on Regional Employment Change by Industry over Time and Space(in Korean)
Sungchul Cho · Ki-Ho Kim
34  Characteristics and Problems of the Employment Structure in Korea(in Korean) Keunho Jang
33  The Sources of Firm Size-Wage Premium: Evidence from Employer-Employee Matched Data(in Korean)
Sang Yoon Song
32  Estimation of Long-term Housing Demand and Related Housing Construction Investment in North Korea(in Korean) Jooyung Lee
31  Technological Progress and Youth Employment(in Korean) Myungkyu Shim · Hee-Seung Yang · Seohyun Lee
30  Do Korean Exports Have Different Patterns over Different Regimes?: New Evidence from STAR-VECM Moon Jung Choi · Sei-Wan Kim
29  Which External Shock Matters in Small Open Economies? US Economic Policy Uncertainty vs. Global Risk Aversion Youngju Kim·Hyunjoon Lim
28  How the Financial Market Can Dampen the Effects of Commodity Price Shocks Myunghyun Kim
27  Monetary Policy and Income Inequality in Korea Jongwook Park
26  Identifying Uncertainty Shocks due to Geopolitical Swings in Korea Seohyun Lee, Inhwan So, Jongrim Ha
25  The Effects of Export Diversification on Macroeconomic Stabilization: Evidence from Korea Jinsoo Lee, Bok-Keun Yu
24  Accounting for the Sources of the Recent Decline in Korea's Exports to China Moon Jung Choi, Kei-Mu Yi
23  Cross-Border Bank Flows through Foreign Branches: Evidence from Korea Youngjin Yun
22  Import Demand of Advanced Countries and Korea’s Exports(in Korean) Moon Jung Choi, Kyung Kuen Kim
21  Leverage, Hand-to-Mouth Households, and MPC Heterogeneity: Evidence from South Korea Sang-yoon Song
20  Fixed-Rate Loans and the Effectiveness of Monetary Policy Sung Ho Park
19  The Effect of Investment-Specific Technology Shocks on the Gap of Wage and Employment by Workers′ Skill or Tasks(in Korean) Namju Kim
18  Analysis of Changes in Determinants of Foreigners′ Bond Investment before and after the Global Financial Crisis: The Case of Korea(in Korean) Bok-Keun Yu
17  E-money: Legal Restrictions Theory and Monetary Policy Ohik Kwon·Jaevin Park
16  The Banks' Swansong: Banking and the Financial Markets under Asymmetric Information Jungu Yang
15  Reserve Accumulation and Bank Lending: Evidence from Korea Youngjin Yun
14  Central Bank Reputation and Inflation-Unemployment Performance: Empirical Evidence from an Executive Survey of 62 Countries In Do Hwang
13  Analysis on the Openness and Economic Welfare of North Korea (in Korean) Hyeok Jeong·Changyong Choi·Jiyoung Choi
12  Uncertainty Shocks and Asymmetric Dynamics in Korea: A Nonlinear Approach Kevin Larcher·Jaebeom Kim·Youngju Kim
11  An Analysis of the Credit Behaviors of North Korean Defectors in South Korea (in Korean) Seungho Jung·Byongki Min·Juwon Kim
10  Upgrading Product Quality: The Impact of Tariffs and Standards Jihyun Eum
Monetary Policy and Corporate Investment: Analysis of the Asset Price Channel and the Balance Sheet Channel (in Korean) SaangJoon Baak·Seung Whan Ryuk
Rare Disasters and Exchange Rates: An Empirical Investigation of South Korean Exchange Rates under Tension between the Two Koreas Cheolbeom Park·Suyeon Park
Inventory Investments and Business Cycles (in Korean) Seo, Byeongseon·Jang, Keunho
The Effects of Job Training Programs on Employability among College Graduates (in Korean) Chung Choe·Namju Kim·Koangsung Choi
Default Factors for Household Loans and Financial Fragility: The Importance of Self-Employed Borrowers in Korea (in Korean) Hosung Jung
Establishment Size and Wage Inequality: The Roles of Performance Pay and Rent Sharing Sang-yoon Song
Who Improves or Worsens Liquidity in the Korean Treasury Bond Market? Jieun Lee
What Drives the Stock Market Comovements between Korea and China, Japan and the US? Jinsoo Lee·Bok-Keun Yu
Fourth Industrial Revolution and Innovative Capacity of South Korea: Comparative Analysis of Major Industrial Nations with US Patent Data, 1976-2015 (In Korean) Jihong Lee·Hyunkyeong Lim·Daeyoung Jeong
No.2017-35  Transmission of Monetary Policy in Times of High Household Debt Youngju Kim·Hyunjoon Lim
34  The Effect of the DIP on the Business Performances of Rehabilitated Corporates (In Korean) Young Jun Choi
33  Bank Globalization and Monetary Policy Transmission in Small Open Economies Inhwan So
32  Analysis of the Relationship between Interest Rate and Bank Profitability (In Korean) Jae-Joon Han·Inhwan So
31  Impact of Population Aging on the Financial Sector (in Korean) Kyoungsoo Yoon·Jae Hoon Cha·Sohee Park·Sun Young Kang
30  The Outlook and Challenges of Population Aging and Labor Market (in Korean) Chulhee Lee·Jieun Lee
29  Impact of Ageing on the Public Finance (in Korean) Hosin Song·Joonyoung Hur
28  Changes in the Korean Industry Structure due to its Population Aging (In Korean) Jong Ku Kang
27  Impacts of Aging on Households Assets and Liabilities (In Korean) Se-Hyung Jo·Yong-Min Lee·Jeong-Hoon Kim
26  Effects of Population Aging on International Investment (in Korean) Jin Soo Lim·Young Rae Kim
25  Impact of Population Aging on the Housing Market (in Korean) Kanghyun Oh·Sol Kim·Jaejun Yoon·Sangki Ahn·Donghwee Kwon
24  Population Aging of Reunified Korea (in Korean) Jiyoung Choi
23  Demographic Change and Current Account (in Korean) Kyungkeun Kim·Soyoung Kim
22  Demographic Policies against Aging in OECD countries (in Korean) Jinill Kim·Kyounghoon Park
21  The Effect of Population Aging on Growth (in Korean) Byung Kwun Ahn·Ki-Ho Kim·Seung Whan Ryuk
20  The Effect of the Fast-Track Corporate Rehabilitation Program on the ICR of the Companies under Court Receivership (in Korean) Young Jun Choi
19  Using Cheap Talk to Polarize or Unify a Group of Decision Makers Daeyoung Jeong
18  The Effect of Market Volatility on Liquidity and Stock Returns in the Korean Stock Market Jieun Lee⋅KeeH.Chung
17  Equity Market Globalization and Portfolio Rebalancing Kyungkeun Kim⋅Dongwon Lee

Analysis on the Determinants of Employment
Proportion by Age Groups (in Korean)

Sangwook Lee⋅Chul-Woo Kwon⋅Yunmi Nam
15  Which Type of Trust Matters?: Interpersonal vs. Institutional vs. Political Trust In Do Hwang
14  Improving Forecast Accuracy of Financial Vulnerability: Partial Least Squares Factor Model Approach Hyeongwoo Kim⋅Kyunghwan Ko
13  Crowding out in a Dual Currency Regime?Digital versus Fiat Currency

KiHoon Hong⋅Kyounghoon Park⋅Jongmin Yu

12  Factors and Risks of Household Over-indebtedness Using a New Measure based on Conditional Quantiles (in Korean)

Dong Jin Lee⋅Jin Hyeon Han

11  Demographic Change and Long Term Trend of Inflation: Tha Case of South Korea (in Korean) Hwan Koo Kang
10  The Effect of Oil Prices on Break-Even Inflation Rates of the United States (in Korean) Jinyong Kim⋅Junecheol Kim⋅Hyung Joon Lim
The Effects of Credit Supply Shocks on Durable and Nondurable Consumption (in Korean) Kwanghwan Kim⋅Sukgee Choi
Behavioral Aspects of Household Portfolio Choice: Effects of Loss Aversion on Life Insurance Uptake and Savings In Do Hwang
Analysis of Call Rate Behaviour Using Regime-switching Diffusion Process Model (in Korean) Seungmoon Choi⋅Byungkuk Kim
An Empirical Analysis of Mortgage Loan Delinquency Using Personal Panel Data in Korea (in Korean) Hosung Jung
Analysis on the Determinants of Exit of Self-Employed Businesses in Korea (in Korean) Yunmi Nam
The Effect of Labor Market Polarization on the College Students' Employment Sungyup Chung
Price Stabilizing Effects of the FTAs: The Case of Korea (in Korean) Noh-Sun Kwark⋅Hosung Lim
Which Monetary Shocks Matter in Small Open Economies? Evidence from SVARs Jongrim Ha⋅Inhwan So
The Effects of Household Debt on Consumption and Economic Growth (in Korean) Joung Ku Kang
No. 2016-21  US Interest Rate Policy Spillover and International Capital Flow: Evidence from Korea Jieun Lee⋅Jung-Min Kim⋅Jong Kook Shin
20  Development of Corporate Vulnerability Index and a Connection with Corporate Insolvency (in Korean) Young Jun Choi
19  Who Are the First Users of a Newly-Emerging International Currency? A Demand-Side Study of Chinese Renminbi Internationalization Hyung-kyu Chey⋅Geun-Young Kim⋅Dong Hyun Lee
18  Endogeneity of Inflation Target Soyoung Kim⋅Geunhyung Yim
17  Effects of Increasing Non-regular Workers on Wage Distribution: An Application of RIF Regressions (in Korean) ChungChoe⋅Sungyup Chung
16  Loan Rate Differences across Financial Sectors: A Mechanism Design Approach Byoung-Ki Kim⋅Jun Gyu Min
15  Divergent EME Responses to Global and Domestic Monetary Policy Shocks Woon Gyu Choi⋅Byongju Lee⋅Taesu Kang⋅Geun-Young Kim
14  Estimation of Formal and Informal Sectors in Social Accounting Matrix for the North Korean Economy (in Korean) Jiyoung Choi
13  Testing the Labor Market Dualism in Korea Sungyup Chung⋅Sunyoung Jung
12  Liability, Information, and Anti-fraud Investment in a Layered Retail Payment Structure

Kyoung-Soo Yoon⋅Jooyong Jun

11  Does Intra-Regional Trade Matter in Regional Stock Markets?: New Evidence from Asia-Pacific Region Sei-Wan Kim⋅Moon Jung Choi
10  The Effects of Macro-prudential Policies on House Prices Using Real Transaction Data: Evidence from Korea (in Korean) Hosung Jung⋅Jieun Lee
The Effects of Stock Holdings and Trading by Tax Haven Investors (in Korean) Hosung Jung⋅Soonho Kim
The Relation Between Monetary and Macroprudential Policy Jong Ku Kang
The Effects of FTAs on Intra-Firm Trade of Korean Firms (in Korean) Bong Geul Chun⋅Eun Suk Kim⋅Joo Yong Lee

From Firm-level Imports to Aggregate Productivity:

Evidence from Korean Manufacturing Firms Data

JaeBin Ahn⋅

Moon Jung Choi

Gender and Age Group Differences in Employment

Responses to Monetary Policy Shocks (in Korean)

Sungyup Chung

Spillovers from U.S. Unconventional
Monetary Policy and Its Normalization to
Emerging Markets: A Capital Flow

Sangwon Suh⋅

Byung-Soo Koo

Stock Returns and Mutual Fund Flows in
the Korean Financial Market:
A System Approach

Jaebeom Kim⋅Jung-Min Kim

Pass-Through of Imported Input Prices to

Domestic Producer Prices:

Evidence from Sector-Level Data

JaeBin Ahn⋅Chang-Gui Park⋅

Chanho Park

The Spillover Effects of U.S. Monetary Policy

on Emerging Market Economies:

Breaks, Asymmetries and Fundamentals

Geun-Young Kim⋅Hail Park⋅

Peter Tillmann

No. 2015-30 

Forecasting Financial Stress Indices in Korea:

A Factor Model Approach

Hyeongwoo Kim⋅

Hyun Hak Kim⋅Wen Shi


An Analysis of Trade Patterns in East Asia

and the Effects of the Real Exchange Rate


Moon Jung Choi⋅

Geun-Young Kim⋅

Joo Yong Lee

28  Energy Efficiency and Firm Growth

Bongseok Choi⋅Wooyoung Park⋅

Bok-Keun Yu


Reference Rates and Monetary Policy

Effectiveness in Korea

Heung Soon Jung⋅Dong Jin Lee⋅

Tae Hyo Gwon⋅Se Jin Yun


Macroeconomic Shocks

and Dynamics of Labor Markets in Korea

Tae Bong Kim⋅Hangyu Lee
25  Deflation and Monetary Policy Barry Eichengreen
24  Implied Liquidity Estimation (in Korean) Joon Myoung Woo⋅Jieun Lee

The Effects of Global Liquidity

on Global Imbalances


Hail Park


Global Interest Rate Normalization

and Monetary Policy Challenges

[Conference Proceedings]

Bank of Korea

Economic Research Institute


Costs of Foreign Capital Flows

in Emerging Market Economies:

Unexpected Economic Growth

and Increased Financial Market Volatility

Kyoungsoo Yoon⋅

Jayoung Kim


Monetary Policy Regime Change

and Regional Inflation Dynamics:

Looking through the Lens of

Sector-Level Data for Korea

Chi-Young Choi⋅

Joo Yong Lee⋅

Roisin O'Sullivan


Entry of Non-financial Firms and Competition

in the Retail Payments Market

Jooyong Jun

Demographic Structural Change

in North Korea and Its Implications (in Korean)

Jiyoung Choi

An Analysis on Factors Affecting

Loan Demand and Supply in Korea (in Korean)

Jong-Ku Kang⋅Hosung Lim

Finding Indicator Variables for

Countercyclical Capital Buffer:

The Case of Korea (in Korean)

Hyunduk Suh⋅

Jungyeoun Lee


Foreign Ownership, Legal System

and Stock Market Liquidity

Jieun Lee⋅Kee H. Chung
14  Global Liquidity and Commodity Prices

Hyunju Kang⋅Bok-Keun Yu⋅

Jongmin Yu


Failure Risk and the Cross-Section

of Hedge Fund Returns

Jung-Min Kim

Inflation Dynamics and Monetary Policy

(in Korean)

Joon Myung Woo

Forecasting CPI Inflation

Using Combination of Point Forecast

and Density Forecast (in Korean)

Hyun Hak Kim

Population Ageing and Extension of

Retirement Age: Quantitative Analysis

using Overlapping Generation Model (in Korean)

JaeHwa Hong⋅Taesu Kang

Effect of Regulation on

Labor Productivity: Empirical Analysis

Using a Panel of Korean Industries (in Korean)

Dongyeol Lee⋅Jong-Il Choe⋅

Jonghan Lee

Price Discovery and Foreign Participation

in The Republic of Korea's

Government Bond Futures

and Cash Markets

Jaehun Choi⋅Hosung Lim⋅

Rogelio Jr. Mercado⋅

Cyn-Young Park

Factors Affecting Bank Soundness

Indicators and Effects of

Macroprudential Regulations (in Korean)

Jong-Ku Kang

The Effects of Monetary Policy

Announcements on Stock Market Liquidity

(in Korean)

Jieun Lee

The Relationship between Exchange Rate

Fluctuations and Export Prices

Considering Imported Input Costs (in Korean)

Kyungmin Kim

The Differential Regional Effects of

Monetary Policy: The Korea Case (in Korean)

Kiho Kim

The Impact of External Shocks

on the Korean Trade through

Direct/Indirect Trade Linkages (in Korean)

Moon Jung Choi⋅

Geun Young Kim

The Effect of U.S. Long-Term

Interest Rates on the Term Structure of

Korean Interest Rates (in Korean)

Kyu H. Kang⋅Hyung Suk Oh

Monetary Policy Operating Frameworks

of Major Central Banks

after the Global Financial Crisis (in Korean)

Byoung-Ki Kim⋅Insu Kim
No. 2014-38 

Global Liquidity Transmission to

Emerging Market Economies,

and Their Policy Responses

Woon Gyu Choi⋅

Taesu Kang⋅

Geun-Young Kim⋅

Byongju Lee


Analysis on the Determinants of Currency

Invoicing in Korean Trade (in Korean)

Kwang­Myoung Hwang⋅

Kyungmin Kim⋅

Chung Seak Roh⋅Mijin Kim


Unemployment and Optimal Monetary Policy

(in Korean)

Insu Kim⋅Myung-Soo Yie

The Role of Foreign Currency Deposits,

and the Impacts of External Shocks on

CDS Spreads for EMEs

(in Korean)

Hosung Jung⋅

Joon Myung Woo


Impact of Employment Protection on

Labor Market Duality and Productivity (in Korean)

Seungwon Kim

Measuring Price-Level Uncertainty

and Instability in the U.S., 1850-2012

Timothy Cogley⋅

Thomas J. Sargent


Experiences of Transition and Integration

in the Financial System:

Implications for North Korea (in Korean)

Byung-Yeon Kim

International Currencies Past, Present

and Future: Two Views from Economic History

Barry Eichengreen
30  Entropy of Global Financial Linkages Daeyup Lee

Hysteresis in Korean Labor Market

with Alternative Measures of Labor (in Korean)

Hyun Hak Kim⋅

Kwang­Myoung Hwang

28  Safe Assets Robert J. Barro

Effect of Demographic Change

on Economic Growth:

Role of Capital Movements (in Korean)

Jong Chil Son

Strengthening Growth Potential

in the Aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis

[Conference Proceedings]

Bank of Korea

Economic Research Institute


Strategies for Reforming Korea's

Labor Market to Foster Growth

Mai Dao⋅Davide Furceri⋅

Jisoo Hwang⋅Meeyeon Kim⋅

Tae-Jeong Kim


Nonlinearity in Nexus between

Working Hours and Productivity

Dongyeol Lee⋅Hyunjoon Lim

Korean Households’ Inflation Expectations

and Information Rigidity (in Korean)

Hangyu Lee⋅Jinho Choi

Principles of Unconventional Monetary Policy:

A Comparison between Federal Reserve

System and European Central Bank (in Korean)

Byoung-Ki Kim⋅Jinill Kim

The Impact of Population Aging

on the Countercyclical Fiscal Stance in Korea,

with a Focus on the Automatic Stabilizer

Tae-Jeong Kim⋅Mihye Lee⋅

Robert Dekle


Impact of Demographic Change

upon the Sustainability of Fiscal Policy

Younggak Kim⋅

Myoung Chul Kim⋅

Seongyong Im


Forecasting the Term Structure

of Government Bond Yields

Using Credit Spreads and Structural Breaks

Azamat Abdymomunov⋅

Kyu Ho Kang⋅Ki Jeong Kim


Foreign Ownership and Commonality

in Liquidity Between FX and Stock Markets

(in Korean)

Junhan Kim⋅Jieun Lee

Impact of Exchange Rate Flexibility on

Current Account Rebalancing

- with a Focus on International Capital Flows

(in Korean)

Geun Young Kim

Mapping Korea's International Linkages

using Generalised Connectedness Measures

Hail Park⋅Yongcheol Shin

The Possibility of Achieving Economic

Catch-up in North Korea: Policy Options

under Transition Scenarios (in Korean)

Keun Lee⋅Ji Young Choi

International Portfolio Investment Behavior:

Relationship between Bond and Equity Flows

(in Korean)

Joo Yong Lee⋅

Geun Young Kim


The Effects of Globalization

on Macroeconomic Dynamics

in a Trade-Dependent Economy:

the Case of Korea

Fabio Milani⋅ Sung Ho Park

An Empirical Analysis of Asymmetries

in the Term Structure of

Korean Government Bonds (in Korean)

Kiho Kim

Imported-Inputs Channel of

Exchange Rate Pass-Through:

Evidence from Korean Firm-Level Pricing Survey

Jae Bin Ahn⋅Chang-Gui Park

Investor Trading Behavior

Around the Time of Geopolitical Risk Events:

Evidence from South Korea

Young Han Kim⋅Hosung Jung

Welfare Cost of Business Cycles

in Economies with Individual Consumption Risk

Martin Ellison⋅

Thomas J. Sargent

The Impact of Foreign Banks

on Monetary Policy Transmission

during the Global Financial Crisis

of 2008-2009: Evidence from Korea

Bang Nam Jeon⋅

Hosung Lim⋅Ji Wu

Dissecting Foreign Bank Lending Behavior

During the 2008-2009 Crisis

Moon Jung Choi⋅

Eva Gutierrez⋅

Maria Soledad Martinez Peria

The Research on the Impact of

Internet Banking on Demand Deposit

and Bank Profitability (in Korean)

Dong Gyu Lee⋅

Bong Geul Chun


and Time-varying Effects of

Unconventional Monetary Policies

in AEs on Portfolio Inflows to EMEs

Kyoungsoo Yoon⋅

Christophe Hurlin

Achieving Balanced Growth

Through Service Sector Expansion:

Expected Benefits and Risks(in Korean)

Seungwon Kim⋅

Kwang-Myoung Hwang

Understanding the Evolution of

Sectoral Comovements: The Case of Korea

(in Korean)

Sunoong Hwang⋅

Seong-hwan Min⋅

Donghyun Shin⋅Kiho Kim

The Impact of Credit Policy on Small

and Medium-Sized Enterprises (in Korean)

Hosung Jung⋅Hosung Lim

Network Indicators for Monitoring

Intraday Liquidity in BOK-Wire+

Seungjin Baek⋅

Kimmo Soram ki⋅

Jaeho Yoon

No. 2013-31 

Rating Agencies

Harold Cole⋅

Thomas F. Cooley


The Role of Financial Factors

in the Business Cycle

and the Transmission of Monetary Policy

in Korea (in Korean)

Byoung Ho Bae

Analysis of Risk Factors

in the Korean Repo Market:

Based on the US and European

Repo Market Experiences

Sung-guan Yun⋅

Ronald Heijmans


Household loans and Systemic Risk:

Usefulness of Credit Information (in Korean)

Junesuh Yi⋅Hosung Jung

Measuring Systemic Risk

in the Korean Banking Sector

via Dynamic Conditional Correlation Models

Jaeho Yun⋅Hyejung Moon

Forecasting Macroeconomic Variables

Using Data Dimension Reduction Methods:

The Case of Korea

Hyun Hak Kim

The Impact of Foreign Bank Deleveraging

on Korea

Sonali Jain-Chandra⋅

Min Jung Kim⋅Sung Ho Park⋅

Jerome Shin


In Search of Better Labor-Market Indicators:

Assessment of Inflation Predictability (in Korean)

Kangwook Park⋅

Sangwoo Lee


Wealth Dynamics in a Bond Economy

with Heterogeneous Beliefs

Timothy Cogley⋅

Thomas J. Sargent⋅

Viktor Tsyrennikov


Determinants of Labor Productivity

in Manufacturing and Service Industries in Korea

(in Korean)

Dongyeol Lee

Central Bank Transparency and Independence:

Updates and New Measures

N. Nergiz Dincer⋅

Barry Eichengreen


Assessing Global Liquidity in a Global Framework

[Conference Proceedings]

Bank of Korea

Economic Research Institute


Does Financial Market Volatility Predict

Macroeconomic Fluctuations? (in Korean)

Joon Myung Woo

Bank Competition and Financial Stability:

A Comparative Study of Mutual Savings Banks

and Commercial Banks in Korea

Jin Q Jeon⋅Kwang Kyu Lim

The Real Exchange Rate and Export Growth:

Are Services Different?

Barry Eichengreen⋅

Poonam Gupta


Price Rigidity in Korea:

Evidence from Firm-Level Data (in Korean)

Chang-Gui Park⋅

SungJu Song


Empirical Analysis on the Possibility of

Internationalization of the Chinese Yuan (in Korean)

Suk Hyun⋅Hong Bum Jang
14  Capital Market Openness and Output Volatility

Kwang-Myoung Hwang⋅

Donghyun Park⋅

Kwanho Shin


The Role of Money and Credit Aggregates

in Conduct of Monetary Policy in Korea (in Korean)

Heungmo Lee⋅Hyun Euy Kim
12  FX Funding Risks and Exchange Rate

Jack Joo K. Ree⋅

Kyoungsoo Yoon⋅Hail Park


Bank Funding Structure and Lending

under Liquidity Shocks: Evidence from Korea

(in Korean)

Hosung Jung

Central, Traditional and Shadow Banking

in the Multiple Deposit Creation Scheme

Byoung-Ki Kim

A Study on Mortgage Loan

Borrowing Behavior of Korean Households:

A Micro Perspective

Yong Sun Kim⋅

Kwang Kyu Lim

Agricultural Sector Development

and Structural Transformation:

Sub-Saharan Africa versus East Asia

Hee-Sik Kim⋅Mthuli Ncube

Skill-biased Technological Change

in Small Open Economies:

Accounting for Changing Employment

and Wage Structures of Korea

Chul In Lee⋅Yong Min Kim

Measuring the Systemic Risk
in the Korean Banking Sector:

the Copula Approach (in Korean)

Geung Hee Lee⋅

Myoung-Hwal Lee⋅

Jong-Han Lee

A Study on Merchant Membership Obligations

in the Korean Credit Card Industry (in Korean)

Sun-Joong Yoon⋅

Kyeong-Hoon Kang⋅

Jeong Gyu Kim

Systemic Liquidity Shortages

and Interbank Network Structures

Seung Hwan Lee
Cash, Checkable Deposits and Cost of Inflation

Manjong Lee⋅

Sung Guan Yun

Capital Inflow Shocks and House Prices:

Aggregate and Regional Evidence from Korea

Peter Tillmann

The Operation of Macroprudential

Policy Measures: The Case of Korea

in the 2000s

Jong Kyu Lee
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