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[2011 Conference] The Changing Role of Central Banks

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Prospective Participants

Opening Address
Opening Address
Seongtae Lee Governor, The Bank of Korea
Keynote Speech
Keynote Speech
Frederic S. Mishkin Professor, Columbia University
Malcolm Gillis Professor, Rice University
Moon-Soo Kang Monetary Policy Committee Member, The Bank of Korea
Frederic S. Mishkin Professor, Columbia University
Kenneth N. Kuttner Professor, Oberlin University
Hyun Euy Kim Head of Monetary Studies Team, The Bank of Korea
Takatoshi Ito Professor, University of Tokyo
John Williams Senior Vice President and Advisor
Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
Brian Sack Vice President Macroeconomic Advisers, LLC
Ehung Gi Baek Professor, Sangmyung University
Jean Boivin Professor, Columbia University
Joon-Ho Hahm Professor, Yonsei University
Jon Faust Professor, Johns Hopkins University
Young Sik Kim Professor, Seoul National University
Gauti Eggertsson Senior Economist, Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Jong-Wha Lee Professor, Korea University
William Poole President, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
Marvin Goodfriend Professor, Carnegie Mellon University
In June Kim Professor, Seoul National University
Yung Chul Park Professor, Seoul National University
Luncheon Address
Luncheon Address
Un-Chan Chung President, Seoul National University