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Conference Video

Conference Video
No List Speaker View
1 Opening Address Choongsoo Kim No.1 VOD
2 Keynote Speeches

Kiyohiko Nishimura

Barry Eichengreen

No.2 VOD

No.3 VOD

3 Session 1
The G20: Characters in Search of an Author
Jean Pisani-Ferry

Ignazio Angeloni

No.5 VOD
4 Session 2
Financial Development in Emerging Economies:

Stylized Facts and the Road Ahead

Sergio Schmukler No.6 VOD

Session 3
The Role of the IMF in a Reformed International Monetary System

Morris Goldstein No.7 VOD
6 Session 4
Fiscal Policy and Financial Stability
Philip Lane No.8 VOD
7 Session 5
Macro-Prudential Regulation: Where Are We and Where Do We Need to Go?
Avinash Persaud No.10 VOD

Session 6
Financial Integration and Capital Account Re-regulation:

An Emerging Market Perspective

Myung-soo Yie

Byoung-Ki Kim

No.11 VOD
9 Roundtable Discussion

Redesigning an International Financial Architecture

Thomas J. Sargent No.12 VOD