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Conference Video

Conference Video
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1 Opening Address Juyeol Lee No.2 VOD
2 Keynote Speech 1 Claudio Borio No.3 VOD
3 Keynote Speech 2 Carmen Reinhart No.3 VOD
4 Session 1
Trade Linkages
(Moderator : Thomas J. Sargent)

Thomas J. Sargent

Pol Antras

Andrei Levchenko

Kei-Mu Yi

Yongsung Chang

No.4 VOD
5 Session 2
Financial Linkages
(Moderator : Kyuil Chung)

Kyuil Chung

Karen Lewis

Cristina Arellano

Jiao Shi

Livio Stracca

No.5 VOD
6 Session 3
Policy Spillovers
(Moderator : Charles Engel)

Charles Engel

Michael Devereux

Stijn Claessens

Young Lee

Gianluca Benigno

No.6 VOD
7 Session 4
Implications for Economic Policy
(Moderator : Jiwon Lim)

Jiwon Lim

Atish Ghosh

Andrea Raffo

Geun-Young Kim

Nelson Lind

No.7 VOD
8 Session 5
Special Session for FRB New York and BOK: Spillover Effects of Banks’ Linkages
(Moderator : Jaerang Lee)

Jaerang Lee

Linda Goldberg

Ozge Akinci

João Santos

Soohyon Kim

Kwangyong Park

Hyunjoon Lim

No.8 VOD
9 Keynote Speech 3

Charles Engel

No.9 VOD
10 Session 6
Panel Discussion
(Moderator : Carmen Reinhart)

Carmen Reinhart

Pol Antras

Soyoung Kim

Linda Goldberg

Ratna Sahay

Michael Devereux

Marcello Estevao

No.10 VOD