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Economic Statistics Yearbook 2018

Group :
Economic Survey Team (82-2-759-5672) 2018.07.18 9482

   The statistics include the five major national accounts the national income, the balance of payments, the flow of funds, the input-output tables and the national balance sheet along with monetary and financial statistics, price indexes and financial statement analysis.


   In this 2018 edition, efforts have been made to further enhance the publication’s usefulness as a yearbook. For instance, visualized statistics on‘Domestic Economic Developments in 2017’and‘The Korean Economy in the World’ have been included, to help readers to identify information on the Korean economy at a glance. The financial statistics by industrial sector also reflect the changes due to the 10th revision of the Korean Standard Industrial Classification.


   I sincerely hope that this publication will be used widely for various purposes, such as the establishment of economic policies and the analyses of economic developments. I would like to ask our readers not to hesitate in giving us their candid feedback and advice on the content that requires further improvement.