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[Vol.25 No.3] The Effects of Government Spending in Korea: a FAVAR Approach

Group :
Economic Research Institute (02-759-5318) 2019.09.30 4939

Author : Wongi Kim(Chonnam National Univ.)


In this study, I analyzed the effects of government spending on macro variables and on each industry by using a factor augmented vector autoregressive model (FAVAR) and 167 macro-variables in Korea since 2000. The results reveal that the effects of two types of government spending ― government consumption and government investment ― greatly differ, therefore it is better to consider the two types of spending separately for a more precise analysis. The stimulus effects of government consumption are clear, but those of government investment are not. In addition, the crowding-out effects of government spending take place through the current account deficit channel rather than the traditional crowding-out channel, reducing private consumption and investment. Both types of government spending show a positive effect on the construction industry. Also, an increase in government consumption stimulates output in various manufacturing and service sectors.