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Bank of Korea : A Seventy-Year History

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Communication Planning&Coordination Team (82-2-759-4759) 2020.12.21 2716



The Bank of Korea's 70-year History in Pictures

Chapter 1 Foundation of the Bank of Korea

Chapter 2 Postwar Recovery and Reorganization of the Monetary and Financial System(1950-1961)

Chapter 3 Rapid Growth of the Korean Economy and Establishment of a Growth-Oriented Financial System(1962-1971)

Chapter 4 Financial and Economic Stabilization During the High-Growth Period and Response to the Impacts of Oil Crises(1972-1979)

Chapter 5 Policies for Stable Growth and Promotion of Financial Liberalization(1980-1989)

Chapter 6 Globalization of the Korean Economy and Acceleration of Financial Liberalization and Openness(1990-1996)

Chapter 7 Overcoming the 1997 Currency Crisis and Pursuing Financial Stability(1997-2003)

Chapter 8 Strengthening the Groundwork for Price and Financial Stability and Response to the Global Financial Crisis(2004-2011)

Chapter 9 Global Uncertainties and Balance Between Economic Growth and Financial Stability(2012-)

Chapter 10 Future Direction of the Bank of Korea