Financial Statement Analysis for 2022

Financial Statement Analysis
2022년 기업경영분석 재무제표 경영분석지표 국제비교
Economic Statistics Department(02-759-4270)


  The Bank of Korea is pleased to release the 2022 edition of its Financial Statement Analysis (FSA), published annually since 1960 to provide research on and analysis of the business performance and financial conditions of Korean corporations.

  This edition contains the financial statement analysis report for Korean corporations during 2022, the concepts behind and methods for calculating their major financial ratios, and their financial statements and major indicators, all classified by industry and by company size. In addition, quartile statistics are enhanced, by adding non-manufacutring category and including more detailed classifications by company size, and subdividing manufacturing sector classifications to provide more useful information. To facilitate cross-country comparisons, the major financial ratios as used in the U.S., Japan and Germany are also included here, as well.

  For a more in-depth analysis, the full text of this book is available at the Bank of Korea’s website ( and at the website for its Economic Statistics System (ECOS) ( Furthermore, the related data files can be found at the ECOS website, and major indicators are also available at the ECOS mobile website (

  We hope that this book will be helpful to the government sector in drawing up its economic policies, to companies in framing their business strategies, to financial institutions in assessing their credit risks, and to members of academia in conducting their research. Finally, we wish to express our sincere appreciation to all of the cooperating institutions whose efforts have helped to make this work possible.

                                                                                                                   December 2023

                                                                                                                   Shin, Seung Chul

                                                                                                                   Director General

                                                                                                                   Economic Statistics Department
                                                                                                                   Bank of Korea

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