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[Vol.30 No.1] The Impact of Tariffs and Non-Tariff Measures on Trade in Decarbonization Technology Products

Group :
Research Planning & Coordination Team (02-759-5490) 2024.03.31 621

Author: HoKyung Bang(Korea Development Institute)


This paper analyses the impact of tariffs and non-tariff measures on trade in decarbonization technology products and the relationship between tariffs and non-tariff measure. The results vary by income group. The impact of tariffs on export price was not statistically significant across all income groups, but non-tariff measures had a statistically significant positive effect on high income and upper-middle income countries. As for import volumes, non-tariff measures have a bigger influence on the import flow of decarbonization technology products than tariffs in high income countries, while both tariffs and non-tariff measures are important factors in upper-middle income, lower-middle income, and in low income countries. The results of the relationship between tariffs and NTBs suggest that they have substitution effects.