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Fourth-design 100-hwan Note
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[Fourth-design 100-hwan Note ]

Fourth-design 100-hwan Note
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Explanation of Work

With the launch of the new government after the April 19 revolution in 1960, Bank of Korea issued a newly designed banknote as an embodiment of building a new economic order. The third-design 1,000-hwan note was issued in 1960, the third-design 500-hwan note in 1961, and the fourth-design 100-hwan note in 1962. As part of the First Five-year Economic Development Plan, this 100-hwan note accepted the design theme of a mother and her son holding a bankbook to encourage saving and a sense of thrift. Both the front and back of the note featured pure Korean letters without using Chinese characters. However, this note took out of circulation in only 20 days due to the currency reform on June 10, 1962, being the shortest-lived currency since Bank of Korea started to issue banknotes.