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「Bank of Korea」(“BOK”) establishes these Privacy Guidelines in order to protect the rights and interests of all users by protecting their personal privacy, etc., and to facilitate smooth disclosure of users’ personal information when required pursuant to the Personal Information Protection Act.

1. Purpose of Collecting Personal Information

The BOK collects information regarding users of its website (hereafter "the site") to the extent that it deems necessary to efficiently provide users with the site’s services. The BOK uses the information collected through the site solely for the purpose of providing the services requested by users.

2. Scope of Information Collected by the BOK through the Site

When you visit the site the BOK makes a record of your visit and, for the purposes of statistical analysis, providing better service and improving the site, logs the following information: the user’s Internet domain, IP address, date and time of visit to the site, pages visited, etc.

The BOK also requires the following personal information :

  • 1) For Bank of Korea website newsletter (
    • - name, date of birth, email address, country, occupation
  • 2) Global Initiative Program (
    • - name, job title, contact information, email address

3. Period of holding of personal information

  • 1) The personal information that a member provides to the BOK shall be used for providing services from the date of registration until the date of deregistration, and shall be destroyed immediately when the purposes of the personal information have been achieved in principle.
  • 2) When a member terminates the use agreement and deregisters his/her account, the BOK will keep that member’s personal information for a specified period of time to allow any necessary preparations for lawsuits, disputes or legal actions.
  • 3) These data are retained for the following periods:
  • - For Bank of Korea website newsletter : 2 years (consent renewal every 2 years)
  • - For Global Initiative Program : maximum of 1 year

4. Restrictions on Use and Provision of Information

The BOK will not use the information collected through the site for any purposes other than those described in Article 1 above, and will not provide such information to any third party unless required by applicable law.

5. Destruction of personal information.

When the purposes of the personal information have been achieved, or when the service involved has been eliminated or the business concerned ended, the BOK will destroy the personal information without delay. Personal information in the electronic files is destroyed using technical methods through which it cannot be recovered, and information printed on paper is shredded or destroyed by incineration.

6. Safety Measures Relating to Site

The BOK takes all reasonable necessary safety measures to prevent leakage or loss of information collected through the site, and to appropriately manage such information.

7. Disclosure of Personal Information

In accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act, site users may request that the BOK disclose to them whatever of their personal information it holds.

8. Privacy Protection Assignees

Privacy Protection Assignees
Chief Assignee Information Technology Department Director General
Responsible Assignee Personal Information Protection Section Team head
Assignees for Website New Media Team +82-2-759-5374,
Global Program Team +82-2-759-5340,

9. Revision of Guidelines

These Privacy Guidelines is effective from August 1, 2015.