Monetary Policy for 2024

Monetary Policy restrictive inflation target level financial stability
Monetary Policy Department(02-759-4498)

□ The Bank of Korea will maintain a restrictive monetary policy stance for a sufficiently long period of time so that inflation will converge on the target level, while paying attention to financial stability.

□ The Bank will provide more information on monetary policy direction, enhance the effectiveness of open market operations, and step up its research and analysis in response to changes in policy conditions. 

□ The Bank will strengthen its monitoring and risk management of financial and foreign exchange markets and the financial system, and implement market stabilization measures in a timely manner when necessary. 

□ The Bank will continue to improve its lending facility to enhance its role in maintaining financial stability, and utilize its Bank Intermediated Lending Support Facility as a supplementary measure to enhance the effectiveness of its monetary policy.

□ In response to changes in the payment and settlement environment, such as digitalization, the Bank will begin to establish a real-time gross settlement (RTGS) system and conduct a CBDC pilot test.

- Please see the attached file for details.

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