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2017 MOSF-BOK-IMF-PIIE International Conference

Prospects and Challenges for Sustained Growth in Asia

Grand Ballroom, 3F, Four Seasons Hotel Seoul, Seoul, Korea September 7-8, 2017

Asia is the world’s most dynamic economic region with its ongoing growth. Many Asian economies, however, face potential or imminent challenges to sustaining growth owing, for example, to rapid population aging. This raises the question of whether Asia needs to embrace slower growth as a new normal and prepare new policy sets suitable to this unprecedented environment.

Out of this line of thinking, the Korean Ministry of Strategy and Finance, the Bank of Korea, the International Monetary Fund, and the Peterson Institute for International Economics have prepared a conference.

This conference is expected to provide a forum to review prospects and challenges for sustained growth in Asia with distinguished scholars and senior policymakers from around the world. Potential challenges facing Asian economies will be discussed, particularly in terms of demographics, technology, and international linkage. Along with case studies on selected Asian countries, desirable policy options to deal with upcoming challenges will also be discussed.

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