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BOK-IMF Conference 2015 Sponsored by the MOSF, Republic of Korea

Leverage in Asia:
"Lessons from the Past, What's New Now, and Where to Watch Out for?" 

Emerald Room, 2F, Lotte Hotel Seoul, Seoul, Korea December 11, 2015

Asia withstood the global financial crisis relatively well. This was partly because leverage in Asia’s private and public sectors prior to the crisis was relatively low and thus the region was able to avoid the drastic balance sheet adjustment experienced by the countries in the epicenter of the crisis. With the unprecedented loosening of financial conditions in advanced markets, leverage in many emerging markets, including in Asia, has risen significantly in recent years.

In this conference, we ask if these developments could be a ‘mixed blessing’, which could potentially put Asia in a more vulnerable position than otherwise. The conference takes stock of where Asia stands in the present credit cycle, explores new risks emerging from this leverage cycle, and considers potential policy responses. 

BOK-IMF Joint Conference 2014

Future of Asian Finance: Financial Integration and Implications for Macroeconomic Performance in the Region

Emerald Room, 2F, Lotte Hotel Seoul, Seoul, Korea November 3-4, 2014

The BOK-IMF joint conference covered: an overview of developments and prospects for regional financial integration; an examination of the evolving nature of financial integration and resilience to financial shocks; and a discussion of policy challenges raised by financial integration at both the national and regional levels.

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