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제10권 제1호 (2004.I)

Regional Segregation of Financial Markets in Korea Jaewoon Koo· Ho Seong Moon
The Effect of Deindustrialization on Economic Growth and Fluctuation Du Yong Kang
Volatility Spillovers in the Korean Financial Markets Ok-Ja Yoon· Kyu-Ho Kang
Compensation Schemes and Investment Behavior Venture Capital Firms Kyungwon Rhee
Identifying Business Cycle Turning Points in Korea with a New Index of Aggregate Economic Joong Shik Lee

제10권 제2호 (2004.II)

What should be a Future Financial System in Korea Taehon Jinn· Duck-Young Kim· Jeong Ho Hahm
The Optimal Size of Public Sectorand Endogenous Growth under Rent-Seeking Competition Changmin Kim· Hyun Park
Financial Stability and the Public Agencies Concerned_The Case for Supervisory Cooperation and Checks and Balances 김홍범
Factor Substitution of IT Capital_Empirical Evidence from Korean Firms Sung-Bae Moon· Dong-pyo Hong
Bank Consolidation and Monetary Policy Dongwook Yang· Seungje Hong

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