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Welcome to the BOKERI homepage The Bank of Korea Economic Research Institute (BOKERI) is the BOK's principal research body which has carried out in-depth research in order to support the BOK’s role as the central bank of Korea.

The institute’s research has been focused on not only supporting the establishment and enforcement of monetary policies, but also achieving stability and sustained growth in the Korean economy by conducting in-depth research on finance, macro-economy, international economy, applied micro-economy, and economic systems

BOKERI is also making efforts to promote academic exchange with the academic circle, overseas institutions, and research institutes home and abroad. The institute has published a working paper “BOK Economic Research” that contains the results of the BOK’s various research and an academic journal “Economic Analysis.” The institute, in particular, has strengthened academic exchange and networks with overseas central banks, international organizations, the academic circle home and abroad, and other research institutes by hosting an international conference every year commemorating the establishment of the BOK which is attended by a lot of prestigious scholars home and abroad.

The Economic Research Institute of the BOK will continue to put the top priority on conducting research that can help address challenges facing the Korean economy including stabilizing prices and the financial market and to do its best to make contribution to the advancement of economics and the global economy.

Thank you.

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