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The announcement of the result of the competitive US dollar loan facility(5th)

외환시장팀 (02-759-5834) 2020.04.27 4636
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□ The facility is funded by the USD liquidity swap arrangement between the BOK and the US Federal Reserve.

□ Key details

   1. Auction number: BOKTAFU200429-85D (85-day tenor)

      o Total USD amount offered: USD 4.0 billion
      o Total USD amount demanded: USD 1,264 million
      o Total USD amount allocated: USD 1,264 million
      o Average bid rate of successful bidders: 0.3348%
      o Stop-out rate: 0.33%
      o Total number of bidding institutions: 7
      o Value date and maturity date: Wednesday, April 29, 2020 / Thursday, July 23, 2020