Improvement Measure of FXMarketStructure

Bank of Korea(BOK) and the government have been preparing for structural improvements in the FX market to improve the limited structure of the FX market and build global-level market access in line with the economic, industrial, and capital markets that have grown over the past two decades.

In this process, BOK and the government announced the "Korea’s improvement measures for foreign exchange market structure," in February 2023 and completed the revision of laws and regulations to implement key tasks such as allowing foreign financial institutions (RFIs: Registered Foreign Institution, A foreign financial institution that meets certain requirements and is registered with the foreign exchange authorities.) to participate in the market. Furthermore, aligning with shifts in the market landscape, earnest efforts were made to advocate for enhanced market practices, diligently address infrastructure maintenance, and establish a trading protocols.

Ahead of the official implementation of the FX market Structural Improvement Plan in July 2024, we plan to expand communication channels with market participants to convey the progress made thus far, and our future plans.

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