Holiday Schedule

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All offices of the Bank of Korea are closed on all weekends and on the following public holidays

Holiday Schedule
Holiday 2024

New Year's Day

January 1

Seol (The First Day of the First Month by the Lunar Calendar)

Feb. 9 - Feb. 12

The anniversary of the Independence Movement of March 1, 1919

March 1

Election day

April 10

Labor Day

May 1

Children's Day

May 5

The Buddha's Birthday (The Eighth Day of April by the Lunar Calendar)

May 15

Memorial Day

June 6

The Independence Day of Korea

August 15

Chuseok (Harvest Festival Day, the Fifteenth Day of the Eighth Month by the Lunar Calendar)

September 16-18

The Foundation Day of Korea

October 3

Hangul day

October 9


December 25