• 2021.6 Currency Gallery is restructed.
  • 2019.12. Life of Currency and Play and Learn with Money is restructed.
  • 2017.01. Bank of Korea Memorial Hall opend.
  • 2012.12 Name of Museum Changed
    • Bank of Korea Museum → Bank of Korea Money Museum
    • All text in Bank of Korea Money Museum panels written in both Korean and English
  • 2007. 06 Bank of Korea Museum supplemented its collection and reopened.
  • 2005. 11
    • Night lighting was installed on the exterior of the Museum building.
    • The Museum won the first prize for Architecture Award of Seoul City in the field of night view.
  • 2003. 06 Bank of Korea Museum was registered as First-class Museum in accordance with the Museum and Art Museum Promotion Act.
  • 2002. 06 Bank of Korea Gallery was opened on the second floor of Bank of Korea Museum.
  • 2002. 05 Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education designated Bank of Korea Museum as the Venue for Hands-on Education.
  • 2001. 06 Bank of Korea Museum opened.
  • 1999. 12 The building was redesigned to be used as Bank of Korea Museum and its remodeling started.
  • 1990. 06 Currency Exhibition Room was installed on the second floor of the current Bank of Korea Museum building.

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