Limits on Currency Exchange

The daily limits on currency exchange per person at the Bank of Korea (Seoul Head Office) are as follows (Article 74 of Guidelines for Currency Issuance):

Limits on Currency Exchange

(Based on 1-day exchange per person)

유통정지화폐 연대표



50,000-won notes

1 million won

500-won coins

0.5 million won (1 box)

10,000-won notes

1 million won

100-won coins

0.2 million won (1 box)

5,000-won notes

0.5 million won

50-won coins

10,000 won (4 rolls)

1,000-won notes

0.5 million won

10-won coins

2,000 won (4 rolls)

  ※ Foreign currencies or checks are unexchangeable.

However, if banknotes and coins are burned, contaminated, mutilated, or severely damaged due to other reasons, in whole or in part, you may exchange them beyond the maximum limit. In this case, the exchange can be done quickly if you contact Currency Department(☎02-560-1690) of the Bank of Korea 3 business days beforehand.

Bank of Korea’s regional branches set and operate their own limits in consideration of demand for currency exchange in their respective regions.

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