Summary of Secuirty Features

  1. Currency
  2. Anti-Counterfeiting
  3. Security features
  4. Summary of Secuirty Features
Summary of Secuirty Features
50,000-won note 10,000-won note 5,000-won note 1,000-won note
[Security Features for the General Public]
Optically Variable Device O
(Strip Type)
(Patch Type)
(Patch Type)
Windowed Security Thread O
(Moving image)
Novel Numbering O X X X
Color Shifting Ink O O O O
Watermark O O O O
SPAS (Special Press and Soldering) O O O O
Intaglio Latent Image O O O O
Security Thread O O O X
Watermark Bar X O O X
Intaglio Printing O O O O
See Through Register O O O O
Endless Pattern O O O O
Rainbow Printing O O O O
[Security Features for Professional Money Handlers, including staff of Financial Institutions]
Fluorescent Security Ink O O O O
Fluorescent Security Fiber O O O O
Filter Through Latent Image O X X X
Micro Lettering O O O O