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Position Name Tenure
Governor RHEE, Chang Yong career background Apr. 21. 2022 ~ Apr. 20. 2026
Senior Deputy Governor Ryoo, Sangdai career background Aug. 21. 2023 ~ Aug. 20. 2026
Deputy Governor Min Jwahong career background May. 17, 2021 ~ May. 16, 2024
Deputy Governor Lee SangHyeong career background Jul. 22, 2021 ~ Jul. 21, 2024
Deputy Governor Lee Jongryeol career background Jul. 20, 2022 ~ Jul. 19, 2025
Deputy Governor Kim, Woong career background Mar. 9, 2023 ~ Mar. 8, 2026
Deputy Governor Chae, Byung Deuk career background Jun. 15, 2023 ~ Jun. 14, 2026

The executive of the Bank of Korea consists of executive officers and employees. The executive officers are the Governor, the Senior Deputy Governor, and the five or fewer Deputy Governors.

The Governor, appointed by the President on the deliberation of the State Council, represents the Bank. The term of the Governor is four years and he or she may be reappointed for a single consecutive term. The Governor conducts policies formulated by the Monetary Policy Board as the chief executive officer of the Bank. He or she also keeps the Board informed of current matters requiring its attention and provides it with materials and advice necessary for the resolution of its policies. In addition, the Governor may attend and state his or her opinion on matters related to money and credit at the State Council.

The Senior Deputy Governor assists the Governor and is appointed by the President upon the recommendation of the Governor.

The Deputy Governors are appointed by the Governor and undertake their respective duties in the manner stipulated in the Articles of Incorporation of the Bank of Korea.

The term of the Senior Deputy Governor and each of the Deputy Governors is three years and they may be reappointed for a single consecutive term.

In terms of its organizational structure, the Bank has 16 departments in its Head Office in Seoul, and 16 branches in major cities. In addition, it has five overseas representative offices in principal international financial centers. The total number of employees was 2,288 as of December 2016.