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Head Office Address

  • Address : 

    39 Namdaemun-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea (04531), Rep. of KOREA

  • Tel : 82-2-759-4114
  • Fax : 82-2-759-4060
  • e-mail : bokdplp@bok.or.kr

Monetary Policy Board : mpboffice@bok.or.kr

Matters related to MPB meetings, assistance to MPB members, secretarial duties, etc.

Planning & Coordination Department : bokdplp@bok.or.kr

Business planning, Planning & coordination, Relations with the National Assembly, Organizational affairs, Information disclosure & civil application, Managing organization and the number of personnel, Handling affairs related to management innovation, Budget, Settlement of accounts and accounting policies.

  • Legal Office : legaloffice@bok.or.kr

    Review and examination of laws and regulations relating to BOK affairs.

  • Monetary Policy Board Secretariat : mpboffice@bok.or.kr

    Preparation for Monetary Policy Board meetings, Assistance and secretary affairs on Monetary Policy Board members.

  • Secretariat : secretariat@bok.or.kr

    Assistance and secretary affairs on governors.

  • Office of Digital Innovation : di@bok.or.kr

    Planning and implementing bank-wide digital innovation with data governance, integrated data platform (BReiT/BIDAS), and digital-based research projects. Planning and providing digital transformation training programs.

  • Office of Sustainable Growth : sgstrategy@bok.or.kr

    Planning related to sustainable growth, Conducting research on and studying sustainable growth, Planning of internal climate risk response strategy, Promoting cooperation in domestic and foreign sustainable growth-related matters

Communications Department : publicinfo@bok.or.kr

Enhancing public understanding of the Bank of Korea’s policies and functions, formulating PR strategies, publishing the Annual Report, and developing and managing the central bank’s web site, Managing and operating the Bank of Korea Money Museum and Gallery, and holding the annual Monetary Policy Challenge, Planning and managing the Knowledge Management System and knowledge management, maintaining documents and records, managing the public information system, providing information resources and electronic information services, operating the digital library, and supervising distribution of the central bank’s publications

  • Office of Economic Education : bokedu@bok.or.kr

    Planning economic education for the public, managing the economic education program and website, promoting cooperation with domestic and overseas counterparts, developing economics textbooks and giving lectures

Information Technology Department : bokdspi@bok.or.kr

IT planning and research, Developing and managing the bank’s information system, Introducing and managing computers, Managing and operating BOK-Wire+ and the foreign exchange information system

Personnel & Administration Department : insamgt@bok.or.kr

Matters related to personnel management, pay, benefit packages and settlement of accounts

  • Office of Property Management : bokdmmg@bok.or.kr

    Operating and managing the bank’s real estate and facilities, Procurement of necessary goods and handling general affairs, Mail and wire communication

  • Security Office

    Emergency plans, security and wireless communication, Security guards, civil defense, reserve forces, parking service and fire fighting

  • Construction Project Management Office : cpm_office@bok.or.kr

    Planning and Construction related to new annex of the BOK

The Bank of Korea Academy : bokacademy@bok.or.kr

Planning and managing personnel training, and facilities management

Research Department : resadmin@bok.or.kr

Analyzing domestic and overseas economic developments, and drawing up economic forecasts, Examining pending financial and economic issues, and developing medium- and long-term policies

Economic Statistics Department : sdteam@bok.or.kr

Modifying statistics compilation standards, and adjusting other operations related to statistics, Developing new statistics and studying statistical techniques, Compiling and analyzing monetary and banking statistics, and statistics on the flow of funds account, the balance of payments, the business survey index, financial statement analysis, the consumer survey index, national income, input/output, and prices

Financial Stability Department : bokbact@bok.or.kr

Analyzing the nation’s financial stability, Conducting research on and studying the management and supervision of financial institutions, Promoting cooperation in domestic and foreign financial supervision-related matters, Preparing the Financial Stability Report

Office of Bank Examination : bokbac@bok.or.kr

Planning and conducting joint inspections of financial institutions, Collecting and analyzing information concerning financial institution management and supervision, Conducting business related to the central bank’s investment in commercial banks, Investigating and identifying financial institutions’ businesses related to emergency credit operations and their financial statuses

Monetary Policy Department :mpdept@bok.or.kr

Planning related to monetary policy operations, Planning of management of monetary policy facilities such as reserve requirements and lending facilities, Preparing monetary policy reports and conducting overall analysis of policy operational conditions, Conducting R&D activities on pending issues such as monetary policy facilities and management systems

Financial Markets Department :bokdmmf@bok.or.kr

Conducting R&D activities on the financial markets and on open market operations, Conducting research and analysis of trends of the money supply, interest rates, and bank deposits and lending, Managing reserves and conducting open market operations, Conducting research and analysis of trends in the money markets and among non-bank financial institutions, Conducting research and analysis of trends in the capital market and corporate finance

Payment & Settlement Systems Department : bokdpmp@bok.or.kr

Handling all businesses concerning the payment and settlement systems, and drawing up the related policies, Conducting R&D activities related to the payment and settlement systems, Performing surveillance on the operational situations of various individual payment and settlement systems, Operating BOK-Wire+, Conducting business related to the Secretariat of the Financial Informatization Promotion Council and surveillance on electronic banking, Compiling and analyzing statistics related to payment and settlement, Deposits at and lending by the Bank of Korea, Improving systems related to the retail payment businesses of financial investment companies, and dealing with internal and external businesses connected with them

Office of Treasury & Debt Securities :boktreadiv@bok.or.kr

Treasury funds, government deposits and lending, Matters related to debt securities and revenue stamps ·Raising, operation and management of public funds

Currency Department : issuepol@bok.or.kr

Issuing currency and managing currency circulation, Conducting R&D activities on the currency, on currency issuance and on the currency distribution systems, Exchanging currency and clearing bills, Sorting, inspecting and discarding currency, Matters related to storing of the government’s paper and documents, valuables and currency and Bank of Korea’s goods in vaults at the Bank of Korea

International Department : ifpteam@bok.or.kr

Conducting research and analysis of the foreign exchange and international financial markets, Planning related to the foreign exchange system and policy, Planning related to the raising and operation of foreign currency funds of financial institutions, Planning for and managing the official foreign reserves, External cooperation and conduct of R&D activities related to financial stability, Accounting treatment for foreign exchange transactions, Operation and management of the Foreign Exchange Stabilization Fund, Operating foreign exchange markets, Dealing with foreign exchange positions of foreign exchange banks, Compiling and analyzing foreign exchange statistics, Review and follow-up control of, including reporting on, foreign exchange transactions, Planning and conduct of monitoring of foreign exchange transactions, and of examinations of foreign exchange banks and foreign exchange brokerage firms, Operating Foreign Exchange Information System

  • New York Representative Office : bokny@bok.or.kr
    • Address : 780 Third Avenue (23rd floor) New York, N.Y. 10017, U.S.A.
    • Tel. 1-212-759-5121∼3
    • Fax. 1-212-758-6563
  • Representative in Washington D.C : bokdc@bok.or.kr
    • Address : 1667 K Street, N.W., Suite 450, Washington D.C. 20006, U.S.A.
    • Tel. 1-202-463-7152
    • Fax. 1-202-463-7155
  • Frankfurt Representative Office : bokffm@bok.or.kr
    • Address : Messeturm 29. OG. Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 49, 60308
    • Frankfurt am Main, Germany
    • Tel. 49-69-7434-870
    • Fax. 49-69-7434-8729
  • Tokyo Representative Office : tokyo@bok.or.kr
    • Address : Rm. 837 Shin Kokusai Bldg. 3-4-1, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo,100-0005, Japan
    • Tel. 81-3-3213-6961∼3
    • Fax. 81-3-3213-6959
  • London Representative Office : boklondon@bok.or.kr
    • Address : 8th Floor, Tower 42, 25 Old Broad Street, London EC2N 1HQ, U.K.
    • Tel. 44-20-7382-0580
    • Fax. 44-20-7374-2452
  • Beijing Representative Office : beijing@bok.or.kr
    • Address : 3509C, China World Trade Center Tower 2, N0. 1 Jianguomenwai Avenue, Beijing, P. R. China, 100004
    • Tel. 86-10-6505-9877
    • Fax. 86-10-6505-9878
  • Representative in Hong Kong : bokhgkon@netvigator.com
    • Address : Room 3404, Gloucester Tower, The Landmark, 15 Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong, China
    • Tel. 852-2526-6508
    • Fax. 852-2868-5276
  • Representative in Shanghai
    • Address : 3505,Shanghai IFC Tower 2, No.8 Century Avenue, Pudong Shanghai, China, 200120
    • Tel. 86-21-5031-7126, 7127
    • Fax. 86-21-5031-7128

International Affairs Department : bokiat@bok.or.kr

Planning and coordinating activities related to international affairs, conducting research on and studying international agendas, promoting cooperation with international financial organizations and central banks, engaging in financial cooperation with international financial institutions, and organizing international events and technical cooperation

Reserve Management Group : bokdrmi@bok.or.kr

Planning related to overseas operation of foreign currency assets held by Bank of Korea, Conducting R&D activities related to operation of foreign currency assets held by Bank of Korea, Managing risks of foreign currency assets held by Bank of Korea, Conducting investment management of foreign currency assets held by Bank of Korea, Conducting overseas operation of foreign currency assets held by Bank of Korea, Providing assistance related to overseas operation of foreign currency assets

Economic Research Institute : eso@bok.or.kr

Conducting research related to topics such as monetary policy, financial market dynamics, the international economy, the business cycle and growth, demographic structure and labor, and the North Korean economy