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BOK Mid- and Long-term Strategic Plan (BOK2030) 

In commemoration of the 70th anniversary of its founding on June 12, Bank of Korea announces its Mid- and Long-term Strategic Plan (hereinafter "BOK 2030"), which it will pursue from the second half of 2020.


Strategic Objectives

The Bank of Korea (BOK) sets and implements its goals and priorities through its Strategic Objectives, established every year to reflect its Mid- and Long-Term Strategic Plan (BOK2030) and any changes in the domestic and global environment. The BOK’s current Strategic Objectives were introduced in 2023.

① Strategic Objectives

① Strategic Objectives for 2023 (6)
Strategic Objectives for 2023 (6)

1. Lay the Foundation for Price Stability

2. Establish an Integrated Framework for Financial and Market Stability

3. Advance the Currency and Payment & Settlement Infrastructure

4. Settle the New Management and Personnel System

5. Establish the New Communication System

6. Strengthen our Response to the New Normal

② Implementation & Achievement of Strategic Objectives