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BOK Mid- and Long-term Strategic Plan (BOK2030) 

In commemoration of the 70th anniversary of its founding on June 12, the Bank of Korea announces its Mid- and Long-term Strategic Plan (hereinafter "BOK 2030"), which it will pursue from the second half of 2020.


Medium-term Strategies

The Bank of Korea pursues strategies for the next three years which set objectives and priorities of the Bank's business.

① Medium-term Strategies in 2021

① Medium-term Strategies in 2021
Medium-term Strategic Objectives(6) Medium-term Strategic Plans(19)

1. Expansion of Policy Arena and Policy Instruments

① Pursuing improvement of monetary policy framework
② Strengthening the financial stability role
③ Expanding financial safety nets
④ Ensuring stable operations of foreign exchange reserves

2. Enhancement of Research Quality

① Strengthening research to deal with new financial and economic issues
② Restructuring research systems and pursuing their establishment
③ Strengthening analysis of policy effects for optimal monetary policy   decisions

④ Advancing economic statistics services

3. Active Pursuit of Digital Innovation

① Improving the work process and environment
② Reorganizing governance structure of digital innovation and pursuing its establishment

4. Restructuring of Management System

① Strengthening staff expertise and competence
② Reinforcing task-, performance-, and ability-based human resource management systems
③ Enhancing efficiency of organizational operations and increasing accountability

④ Improving risk management and strengthening crisis response capacity

5. Creating Reliable Payment and Settlement Environment

① Promoting payment and settlement innovation and development
② Strengthening oversight and policy functions of payment and settlement systems
③ Establishing stable currency supply and management system

6. Strengthening Public Communications and International Cooperation

① Strengthening policy communications and improving quality of economic education
② Enhancing exchanges and cooperation with international forums, international organizations and other central banks

② Implementation and Achievement of Medium-term Strategies