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Bank of Korea Money Museum was opened to commemorate the Bank's 50th anniversary in 2001.

Since its establishment, the museum was widely loved as a venue for hands-on money education. The number of its visitors rises sharply rise every year. Against this backdrop, the museum greatly supplemented its collection and reopened in June 2007 in an effort to provide even better visitor service.

The reopened museum harmonizes the past and the present. We have preserved the integrity of the original building as a national historical site, while at the same time employing various cutting-edge media. Visitors from all walks of life can enjoy the exhibits more than ever now thanks to our strengthening of activities and offering of various themed exhibition rooms. To further fulfill the cultural need to the public, the museum also holds several special exhibitions every year.

Bank of Korea Money Museum will make continuing efforts to supplement its collections and introduce new and exciting programs. I would like to request the public's deep interest and support to ensure that the museum remains a lively venues for economic education, where many people can learn about money, finance and the economy in an interesting and easy manner