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Public Sector Accounts for the year 2019 (preliminary)

Economic Statistics Department (82-2-759-4385) 2020.06.25 1153

ㅇ In 2019, the total revenue of the public sector(including the general government sector, non-financial public corporations,

    and financial public corporations) recorded 876.3 trillion won, an increase of 23.5 trillion won from the previous year's total of

    852.7 trillion won (a 2.8% increase).

ㅇ The total expenditure of the public sector was 862.4 trillion won in 2019, increasing by 62.8 trillion won from the previous

    year's total of 799.6 trillion won (a 7.9% increase).

⇒ The net lending(total revenue minus total expenditure) of the public sector was 13.8 trillion won, a 39.3 trillion won decrease

    from the previous year (53.1 trillion won).