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BOK's Response to Climate Change

Financial Stability Research Team (02-750-6665) 2021.11.25 342

Bank of Korea set up a “Climate Change Response Task Force” in April 2021 through which it is making bank-wide efforts to establish its strategy for countering climate change and to analyze the impact of climate change on the macro economy and financial system.


This paper (a summary version in English) is a compilation of efforts made so far. Based on this, a more meticulous review will be conducted of the application of climate change components to the Bank’s policy tools and functions, to contribute to raising awareness regarding climate change risks and to strengthening the role of finance in facilitating the transition to a low carbon economy.


* For details, please refer to the <Attachment> “Bank of Korea’s Response to Climate Change”


** For the full version written in Korean, please refer to the following link: