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Quarterly National Accounts in Korea

Thema : 경제일반
Economic Statistics Department(Senior Economist, Yi Sangho(02-759-4384)) 2007.09.21 6913

     I. Understanding of National Accounts

         Chapter 1 Basic Concepts
         Chapter 2  Composition of National Income Statistics
         Chapter 3  Estimation of National Income
         Chapter 4  Accounting Rules
         Chapter 5  National Accounts in Korea

     II. GDP by Production Approach

         Chapter 6  Introduction
         Chapter 7  Measurement of Output and Input
         Chapter 8  Major Announced Statistics Table and Indicators
         Chapter 9  Estimation Methodology of GDP by Kind of Economic Activity

     III. GDP by Expenditure Approach

         Chapter 10 Introduction
         Chapter 11 Basic Estimation Methodology
         Chapter 12 Estimation Methodology of Expenditure on GDP