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Notice: Change in Publication of Monthly Bulletin

Group : Macro Economy
Research Department (02-759-4166) 2023.05.02 19283
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Bank of Korea has published the “Monthly Bulletin” since May 1947 featuring analytical results and statistics on major economic phenomena and policy effects, as well as Monetary Policy Board minutes.


As the use of electronic media has increased and the BOK has released many other reports, however, we believe it will be more useful to post articles from the Monthly Bulletin more frequently on the BOK website.


Therefore, the Monthly Bulletin will be released in paper and as an e-book (pdf) only until March 2023. The existing contents, including articles, will continue to be available through the following channels:


- Articles : Economic Outlook, BOK Issue Note, etc.

( > Research Papers > Periodicals)


- Statistics : Economic Statistics System (ECOS)



- Minutes : Press Releases

( > Monetary Policy Board > Minutes)


If you have any questions, please contact the Overall Research & Forecasting Team (Tel: 02-759-4166) of the Research Department.