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[Vol.24 No.2] The Effects of Job Training Programs on Employability among College Graduates

Group :
Economic Research Institute (02-759-5407) 2018.06.30 7137

Author : Chung Choe(Hanyang University (ERICA)), Namju Kim(BOK), Koangsung Choi(Hanyang University) 


This paper examines the effects of various training programs on employment rate of college graduates. Training programs for youth in Korea are conducted by several types of providers, and are thus likely to generate heterogeneous effects. Using the Graduate Occupational Mobility Survey (2009-2013), we estimate the effects of job training on employability by applying a Generalized Propensity Score Matching method. The results confirm heterogeneous treatment effects among training types ? while no effects are found with respect to training by private providers, there exist statistically significant effects of training by both public and college providers.