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[Vol.25 No.2] A Study about the Effects of Online Commerce on the Local Retail Commercial Area

Group : Business·Industry
Economic Research Institute (02-759-5318) 2019.06.30 2051

Author : Kangbae Lee (Donga-A Univ.)


  The purpose of this study is to analyze quantitatively and qualitatively the effects of the increase in online shopping and its effects on real-world commercial outlets. The empirical analysis of this study is based on the results of “Census on Establishments” and “Online Shopping Survey” that cover 15 years, from 2002 to 2016. According to the results of this study, the increase in the number of online transactions affects the decrease in the number of stores in the real-world retail sector. However, non-specialized large stores and chain convenience stores showed an increase in the number of stores. In addition, the number of F&B stores increased the most in line with the increase in online transactions. This is because the increase in online transactions and in internet users led to the use of more delivery applications and the introduction of popular places on blogs or through social media. Street-level rents for medium and large-sized locations increased. In other words, it is seen that the demand for differentiated real-world stores that provide a good user experience increases, even though online transactions also increase. These results suggest that real-world stores should provide good user experiences in their physical locations with a certain size and assortment of goods.