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[Reference] Explanation of security features of new 1,000 won note.

  • Intaglio Latent Image

    Intaglio Latent Image

    From the position of eyes, if we look askance at the note, ‘WON’ appears, thanks to a special intaglio printing method.

  • Windowed Security Thread

    Windowed Security Thread

    The security thread is a plastic film with hologram letters. It is exposed at the left side of the portrait on the obverse regularly.

  • CSI : Color Shifting Ink

    CSI : Color Shifting Ink

    Because of special ink, which is mixed with different material having different reflection to the light, the color of face value number changes green to blue

  • See Through Register

    See Through Register

    The dividing shape of Taegeuk is printed on the both sides of the note at the exactly matching spot. Holding the note up to the light, the combining shape on front and reverse will make a completed Taegeuk.

  • Micro Lettering

    Difficult to see with the naked eye, but can be discerned with a magnifier. Itappears as a line or dotted line when forged by color printer or color copier.

    Micro Lettering Micro Lettering Micro Lettering
  • Watermark


    Held up to the light, a hidden reverse image portrait appears in the non-image space on the left side of the obverse, thanks to the variation in thickness within each note.

  • SPAS : Special Press and Soldering

    SPAS : Special Press and Soldering

    Without holding the note up to the light, we can easily observe the hidden face value number with the naked eye, thanks to enlarged differences in thickness between parts of each note.

  • Intaglio Printing

    A special method putting ink into the concave and printing as convex. The slightly raised figures can be felt.

    천원권의 볼록인쇄 부분(앞) 천원권의 볼록인쇄 부분(뒤)
  • Fluorescent Security Fiber

    Fluorescent Security Fiber

    The special fluorescent fiber is inserted into the note. Using ultraviolet fluorescent light, it is possible to see various scattering

  • Endless Pattern

    Endless Pattern

    A printing method inter-linking the pattern between top and bottom, right and left around the edge of the note.

  • Rainbow Printing

    Rainbow Printing

    A printing method whereby colors give a rainbow-like effect.