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I am very pleased to welcome you all to the Bank of Korea's internet homepage.

Since its establishment in 1950 the Bank of Korea has served as Korea’s central bank, with a commitment to developing the national economy through price stabilization.

The internal and external environments surrounding us are changing greatly. The uncertainties in the global economy linger still, and we are faced with a declining potential growth rate domestically. Under these circumstances people have higher expectations than ever before of their central bank, which serves as one pillar of macroeconomic policy.

The Bank of Korea vows to use its capabilities to the fullest to play its part in enabling our economy to prosper amid stability so as to meet the expectations of the people.

This website contains diverse information on the Bank of Korea’s conduct of monetary and credit policy and on the broader economy. As it offers search and processing functions related to major statistics, we think that it will be helpful for a variety of research and in the drawing-up of materials.

We look forward to this website being used as a platform for communication between you all and the Bank of Korea.

Thank you.

Governor, Lee Juyeol