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Financial Statement Analysis for 2008

Economic Statistics Department ( corporate statistics team (+82-2-759-4287,4953,4884 /e-mail : )) 2009.07.30 1644


Financial Statement Analysis(FSA), published annually by the Bank of Korea since 1960, describes the details of the business performance and financial conditions of Korean corporations.

This edition presents Korean corporations' balance sheets, income statements and statements of cash flows, and key indicators concerning their financial stability, profitability, and growth for 2008, classified by industry.

Samples have been revised this year from the National Tax Service file of 2007 in order to reflect the changes in business volumes and in industry structure over the last three years since the 2006 sampling revision. In particular, small-scale companies in terms of turnover are included in the population for a more comprehensive grasp of the economy and industrial classification has been changed in line with the revision of the KSIC.

For the convenience of users, the full text of this edition and related data files are also available on the Bank of Korea's Economic Statistics System(ECOS,

Every effort has been made to improve the accuracy of these statistics, but there may be still room for further improvement. In this regard, comments and suggestions from users will be warmly welcomed.

We hope that this book will be helpful to companies in framing their business strategies, to the government sector in drawing up economic policies, and to financial institutions in assessing credit risk. Finally, we wish to express our sincere appreciation to all the corporations surveyed and to those institutions whose efforts have helped make this work possible.

July 2009  

                                                                       Myung Kee Kim

                                                    Director General

                                                                  Economic Statistics Dept.

                                                       The Bank of Korea